Name : Amorpha fruticosa

Zone : 4

Category : Flowering shrubs

Description : False Indigo has small, uniform leaves that measure out from the stem, airily filling out the top third of the plant. In summer, tiny aubergine-coloured flowers open from tall spires, sending bright yellow and orange stamens from individual blossoms and dusting the spikes with golden pollen. This thicket-forming shrub is similar in appearance to Lead Plant, but is much taller and prefers to keep its roots moist. Despite the close resemblance and family ties, False Indigo gets its common name because it produces indigo pigment - but not in large enough quantities for commercial use.
Habit : Broad UprightHeight : 3.6mWidth : 1.8m
Status : New
Price : $24.00 4 Gallon (R23)