Name : Aronia melanocarpa 'Low Hedger'

Zone : 3

Category : Flowering shrubs

Description : Low Scape Hedger aronia is a super versatile native flowering shrub. Reaching just .9-1.5 m tall, it's a dense column of glossy green foliage that's perfect for low hedges or screening. Spring finds the plant covered in hundreds of white flowers, and come fall, the foliage lights up in bright reds and oranges. Low Scape Hedger grows well just about anywhere: in full sun or part shade, wet or dry soils, in hot climates or cold ones. Non-suckering; Can be pruned into a formal hedge or left to grow naturally.
Habit : Height : 1.5mWidth : 90cm
Status : New
Price : $38.00 2 Gallon (WO23)