Name : Viburnum lantana 'Mohican'

Zone : 4

Category : Flowering shrubs

Description : The Mohican Viburnum (Viburnum lantana 'Mohican') is an incredibly tough, deciduous shrub that may be evergreen in warmer climates. Featuring flat-topped clusters of creamy white blossoms that bees and butterflies go mad for! Erupting in bloom throughout late April and May, the entire rounded shrub is enveloped in flowers at the ends of each stem! Filling out in lovely deep-green foliage with the characteristic Viburnum foliage, it has dark, hairy leaves that create a dark background to showcase other plants. It displays a very compact form and has a mature height of 1.8m tall and sports an equal spread which can extend to upwards of 1.8m wide. This shrub has one of the showiest displays of bright orange-red fruit in early July, persisting for a month before maturing to black in fall. These berries add ornamental value as well as a vital food source for birds, both songbirds and migratory birds! Plus, the compact branching is perfect nesting and shelter all growing season!
Habit : Globe ShapedHeight : 1.8mWidth : 1.8m
Status : New
Price : $32.00 2 Gallon (WB23)