Name : Juniperus c. 'Trautman'

Zone : 4

Category : Evergreens

Description : Juniperus chinensis Trautman is a hardy alternative to the temperate Italian Cypress. This narrow, coarse textured, bluish gray-green spire has incredible potential throughout the gardening world. As a single specimen it will make a majestic statement as it towers above other garden plants while maintaining a small footprint. Planted in a row, Trautman will serve as a screen of unusual beauty because of its unique colour and texture. Will thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Selected by the late Herbert Trautman, a highly respected Wisconsin nurseryman.
Habit : Upright NarrowHeight : 4.5mWidth : 1.2m
Status : New
Price : $228.00 15 Gallon (R23)