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Plant Arrivals and Opening
1.The Ramble is closed for the season, reopening Mid-April 2023....see you in the spring! - February 2 2023
2. WINTER DAMAGE ON CONIFERS If you are seeing red or brown needles on your conifer, that is winter damage that is showing up because it went into the winter dry. Conifers need to be very well hydrated right up to freeze up. As long as the damage is just to the needles and not the twigs, you will see that they will just fall off as it starts to actively grow, and it will repair itself. Be sure that there is a good basin around it, and recreate it if it has sluffed away, and give it a deep watering once a week starting late April as it begins to break bud. Conifers are resilient and I am sure you will see it grow out of this damage this spring. It seems to have been a very tough winter for evergreens. Be patient with it. We always advise people that you need to wait until Fathers Day to allow plants to grow out of winter damage. At that point you can usually use a broom to gently knock off red needles that have not fallen off on their own. - Spring 2023

Garden Shows
Watch for photos and videos of the gardens as they come to life over the season. I will be posting them on our Facebook page. - ongoing

Other Events
1. Watch the story about Rideau Woodland Ramble by CTV Regional Contact on our links page! - ongoing
2. Merrickville Video Channel...check us out at
3. Rideau Woodland Ramble named Canadian Garden Council 2015 Destination Garden Centre of the Year - We were extremely honored and proud to have received the Canadian Garden Council 2015 Destination Garden Centre of the Year Award at the North American Garden Tourism Conference held in Toronto. - March 2015
4.‘Canada 150 Garden Experience’ Designation Awarded to Rideau Woodland Ramble The Ramble is very proud to have received this designation helping represent Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Region in celebrating gardens and gardening in Canada. The full list may be seen at - March 2022
5. Follow the Garden and Wildlife Art of David Dunn at - ongoing
6. GIFT CERTIFICATES - We can arrange a gift certificate. We create them on the computer and can either print a hard copy for pick up here or it can be saved as a PDF and emailed to you for local printing. We would need to know the amount, what you want written on it (i.e., who its for, who it's from and anything else you want to say). You can pay for it here with tap or via e-transfer to You can call us here at 613-258-3797 or send us an email.

Special Garden Tours
Tours of the gardens at Rideau Woodland Ramble may be arranged. Please call 613-258-3797 to make arrangements.

Discounts and Sales
Rideau Woodland Ramble supports most Societies and organized Garden Clubs. A discount of 10% is available to members who show their membership cards prior to purchase of plants.