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Conditions of Sale You must immediately seek our advice should your plant be struggling, waiting more than 4 weeks will void warranty. Stock is guaranteed for the current growing season only, at which time all warranties expire. We guarantee Rideau Woodland Ramble stock true to name. No guarantee on any stock discounted by more than 10%, which is considered on clearance sale. Refund or credits are determined by staff horticulturists only and requires presentation of the original receipt. Any dead/compromised nursery stock must not be brought to the nursery without instruction from the staff. Failure to follow this instruction will void the warranty.

Know your Plants Living plants have their likes and dislikes. You must seek our advice should your plant be struggling. We will recommend the best planting procedure, location and continued plant care. We will not be held responsible for inappropriate location and soil type, inconsistent care or watering, rodent damage, acts of nature, weather extremes, insect damage, transplanting, chemical or fertilizer misuse.